Business Management and Optimization

Proper management of a business is quintessential to growth and success and often times can be the one factor that causes a business to fail. At the Sorge Law Firm, we are here to assess your needs and provide optimal legal solutions to prevent and protect your business from failure, and being proactive when others are impeding on your rights.

Our team offers a variety of preventative services that include: drafting operating procedures, employee handbooks, and employment contracts; and counseling our clients regarding labor and employment law, government restrictions and compliance, and land use restrictions. We are also capable of providing protection to our clients under circumstances when failure is imminent and being proactive when our client business is threatened.

We believe in the use of various dispute resolution techniques because we understand the impact a lawsuit may have on a business’s financial situation and good will. However, if these techniques are not able to resolve the issue, our experienced attorneys are fully prepared to litigate your case to the end.

Taxation Law

Whether you need assistance with preparing individual returns, contesting an IRS tax lien or a tax refund dispute, appealing an unfavorable decision or disputing a notice of noncompliance, we have the ability to address your specific needs.

We provide services in the following areas:

  • Personal Income Tax Returns
  • Prior Year Tax Return Amendments
  • Optimization of Tax Exemptions, Deductions and Credits
  • Requests for Reconsideration
  • Return Preparation (Federal and State)
  • Tax Audit, Controversy and Litigation
  • Tax Planning